Gonna start playing COD for money...
— Alfie Wickers
Alfie Wickers
Jack whitehall bad education
General Info
Full Name Alfred Wickers
Nick Name Dickers - Used by Mitchell
Aka Wickster
Family Martin Wickers
Physical Info
Race Caucasian
Gender Male
hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
occupation Teacher
organization Abbey Grove School
Position Teacher
Portrayed By Jack Whitehall
nationality English
Famous for Fresh Meat

A Leaue Of Their Own Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father

Episode Guide
First appeared Pilot
Last Appearence Prom
Episode Count 19

            Alfie Wickers is played by comedian Jack Whitehall, who created and partly wrote this series.

Alfie is a history teacher at Abbey Grove School. He has a hard time managing and disciplining his students and is often mocked and bullied by them, but frequently recruits them to help rescue him from difficult situations. His classes are unusual, using teaching techniques such as Class Wars (re-enacted battles with tables as trenches and wheelchairs as tanks) and seances to summon the spirit of Hitler in his lessons. Though he pretends in front of the staff that he fully respects school rules, he frequently lets his students break them and breaks them himself. Born 17 June 1988 he attended the posh Middleton House school, where he was often bullied by students and staff, something he is still quite embarrassed and insecure about. Before working at Abbey Grove, he worked at a B&Q home improvement store

He is terrible at football, athletics, kissing, talking to women, sex of any kind, keeping a constant erection and much more; but is an accomplished Irish dancer, which really make up for nothing. Alfie has a big crush on one of his fellow teachers, Rosie Gulliver, who is way out of his league and spends a lot of time trying to figure out ways to impress her, though he is frequently unsuccessful. He is horrified when his father Martin Wickers (Enfield) starts a relationship with his old flame and Abbey Grove's new Deputy Headmistress Professor Celia Green. Alfie later learns that Martin and Celia are engaged. Though outraged at this at first, he later accepts it, since Celia makes his father happy. He is also shown to be a fan of Michael Bublé and was given his album Christmas from Rosie in the Christmas Special, but its not the singing he loves, its the man himself. At the end of series 2 he and Miss Gulliver start dating under her duress. He is good friends with Joe and always uses him as a scapegoat or as a ploy for a stupid idea, once asking him to turn gay for him.

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