Chantelle is the sultry female pupil in Alfie's form. She appears to be sexually promiscuous. She also has an obvious crush on Alfie and attempts repeatedly to seduce him, as does her mother at parents' evening. In "Valentine's Day" it is shown that she has self-confidence issues and just wants Alfie to notice her, so pretends to have fallen pregnant. Professor Green then says whilst in the "Schools Take me Out" That Chantelle is pregnant and Alfie gets defensive of her and says that she had no right to say that, Chantelle looks embarrassed and self-conscious but then when "Pro Green" says that she will call the police Chantelle admits that she lied just so it looked like someone loved her and that she wanted Alfie to notice her. In other episodes it doesn't appear that she has self-confidence issues but in this episode it showed. She was called a slag and a slut. When they were writing their CV's Mitchell said that she would be pregnant in 5 years times and then when they were campaigning in Series 1 Episode 6, Mitchell was going to give a virus to a website and then he says "I've given out more viruses than her (Points at Chantelle)" She says "Shut up!" Many comments were made but she didn't seem "that" bothered by them.

Her best friend seems to be Stephen, they are shown in multiple episodes to be close (Chantelle sitting on his lap, they're always hugging and they are really close) and share personal information, which he doesn't tell other pupils because of the pinky promise. . And when Chantelle lied about the pregnancy it seemed that she told Stephen before she came into the class and told Alfie and the rest of Form K.

Chantelle is an iconic character she has so many innuendos but she is a character everyone fell in love with. Her flirting with Alfie was really funny and in the final episode "Series 3 Episode 6" we find out why she's been flirting with him for the past 3 Series (1 School year)

Quotes Edit

“(Alfie:) Chantelle, haven’t you got a class to be preparing for?”

“Maths, sir. We're doing fractions, Mrs Mollinson said 23 won't go into 15... We'll see about that.”

"Look me up, my name's "Jailbait". All one word

(Sex Education - anonymous questions) "He's 23 I'm 15. What will it feel like?“ (Alf

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