Frank Grayson, usually referred to by his surname only, is the school bully, who intimidates his fellow pupils as well as Alfie, having once stolen his shoes and on another occasion forced him to buy him and his friends cider after it was originally confiscated by Miss Pickwell. After Pickwell's departure, he was controlled by Professor Green. At times, however, he appeared to be insecure about himself, breaking down in Alfie's arms after Pickwell dies (not knowing she was actually alive) and exploring his sexuality in the Christmas special, beginning a relationship with Stephen when Frank buys Stephen a ticket to watch West Ham United. In "Fundraising", Frank had been held back at school, but had been held back so many times that he was therefore the same age as Alfie. In the same conversation, he was officially moved to Alfie's class. The same episode revealed that Martin moved him in order to avoid expelling him, which would have upset his new girlfriend, Grayson's mother, meaning that Alfie and Grayson could become step-brothers if they married. In "The Exam", Grayson and his mother have moved in with Alfie and Martin, despite Martin saying that he would move in with her. But this arrangement appeared to be over by the next episode. In the same episode, he finally bonds with Alfie for real. In Series 3, he appears to no longer get along with Stephen, but agrees to be his date to the prom and they are crowned Prom King and Queen. It is revealed in the final episode that he has an older brother named Dean who now works at Alfie's old DIY workplace.

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