Jing Hua was a Chinese pupil, who often spoke in her native language to insult Alfie (which he interpreted as a compliment, a question about 'English Culture,' or a correct answer to a question). Jing appeared to be the most intelligent and the most serious of the group and had previously taken the register, carried on working while everyone else was asleep, and helped Alfie take down Pickwell at the end of Series 1. In Series 1 she was constantly frustrated that Alfie hardly taught them anything, but in Series 2 she came to Alfie's aid and commented that he was a "good and decent man". She had previously helped Fraser keep his job by exposing Pickwell had been stealing money from the school. In Series 3, she underwent a personality change, having become much more moody and quoting various artists and writers. She reveals in "Exam" that her attitude change is not because of Alfie, but because of the pressure from her parents. She intentionally sabotages her biology GCSE to avoid being sent to the university that her parents want her to attend. In the finale, she is believed to be the only person in the class who would stay in school to do their A levels, but she admits that she applied to a creative writing class in Paris. She helps Alfie one last time by convincing him that he was a good teacher and insisting he should continue teaching.