Rem Dogg is a pupil who uses a wheelchair and constantly wears a pair of headphones and baseball cap. He came across as a cheeky chap who poked fun at Alfie, and is very close friends with Mitchell. In Series 3, he became an emo and rarely spoke, going some episodes without saying a word, which could often lead to him putting himself in compromising situations: in "Strike" he spent 24 hours chained to the school gates. He becomes emotional when Mitchell gives him an impassioned goodbye, but is called "gay" in response, as a reference to the nature of their friendship. He takes offense when a teacher pretends to be paralysed, and when a careers advisory computer program said he should become a stunt man, then a male escort. In the Bad Education Handbook, it is revealed that he doesn't get along with his father, who is blind in one eye.

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