This is a list of characters in Bad Education

Main Characters Edit

  • Alfie Wickers (portrayed by Jack Whitehall)
  • Shaquille Banter "Simon" Fraser (portrayed by Mathew Horne)
  • Isobel Pickwell (portrayed by Michelle Gomez) (Series 1 – 2)
  • Rosie Gulliver (portrayed by Sarah Solemani)
  • Professor Celia "Pro Green" Green (portrayed by Samantha Spiro) (Series 2)
  • Martin Wickers (portrayed by Harry Enfield) (Series 2 – 3)
  • Olive Mollinson (portrayed by Leila Hoffman) (Series 1)
  • Chantelle Parsons (portrayed by Nikki Runeckles)
  • Jing Hua (portrayed by Kae Alexander)
  • Joe Poulter (portrayed by Ethan Lawrence)
  • Mitchell Harper (portrayed by Charlie Wernham)
  • Leslie "Rem Dogg" Remmington (portrayed by Jack Binstead)
  • Stephen Carmichael (portrayed by Layton Williams)
  • Frank Grayson (portrayed by Jack Bence)
  • Cleopatra Ofoedo (portrayed by Weruche Opia) (Series 3)

Guest Characters Edit

  • Mrs Carmichael (portrayed by Hillary Whitehall (mother of Jack Whitehall)
  • Richard Carmichael (portrayed by Delroy Brown)
  • India (portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge)
  • Kevin Schwimmer (portrayed by Kyle Soller)
  • Mr Harper (portrayed by Sam Douglas)
  • Alfie's Mum (portrayed by Frances Barber)
  • Javier Garcia-Ramires (portrayed by Jake Canuso)
  • Bonehead (portrayed by Greg McHugh)
  • Preet van der Plessis (portrayed by Harry Peacock)
  • Mrs Katherine Grayson (portrayed by Katherine Kingsley)
  • Coco
  • Richard (portrayed by James Fleet)
  • Dean Grayson (portrayed by Tom Davis)
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