Martin Wickers is Alfie's father. His wife left him for a Spanish man named Javier. He started a relationship with Celia who went to teacher training with him and in the Series 2 finale they got engaged. He was absent from the Christmas special due to him and Celia being on their honeymoon, but by the first episode of Series 3, Celia and Martin had already married, and she had already left him, taking all his money. Martin has been living in his car and moves in with Alfie and Rosie. He got a job as the new deputy head at Abbey Grove. He eventually began a relationship with Frank Grayson's mother, implying that he planned to move in with and marry her. However, it appears that this relationship is over in "Exam" when it looks like a student accidentally killed her dog Coco while she was in Martin's care (Coco is shown to be alive and unharmed in his office after the incident, but it is never mentioned if she was returned).

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