Mitchell appeared to be the tough guy of Alfie's class. He often poked fun at fellow pupils and his teacher. However, Alfie would usually get his own back by poking fun at Mitchell's family life, commenting that he didn't know who his dad was and how he lived in a caravan. He is a huge WWE fan and he cried at the end of Toy Story 3. He had a friendship with Rem Dogg which sees them constantly making insulting comments about each other and their respective mothers. Despite not liking Alfie, Alfie describes him as one of his favourite students in the Bad Education Handbook, and they develop a friendship during Series 2. In Series 3, they get along much better. In Series 3, he becomes infatuated with Cleopatra. In the second episode of Series 3, Mitchell left Abbey Grove after his father's fairground is shut down by the council. It is implied that he had moved and transferred to another school, but by "The Exam", Mitchell is shown in a youth detention centre.


He's a proper fit lad, with brown eyes (with hints of green that is mentioned in many fanfics). In seasons one and two he has a buzz cut (that looks hella good), and in season three his hair is grown out.

He's got a 20inch BBC (which doesn't make a lot of sense). Its a hot dick but the poor thing is all beat up cause all he does is masturbate.


He'd probably pound your girlfriend at your place while you were in the shower. He'd also probably film it every time he did it and send it to you when he and your girlfriend flee to New Mexico.

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