Rosie Gulliver
Bad education rosie
Rosie Gulliver

Birth Name:

Rosie Gulliver

Other Names:

Rosie, Miss Gulliver, Miss G.


Biology teacher at Abbey Grove School



Portrayed By:

Sarah Solemani


Alfie Wickers

Rosie Gulliver is biology teacher at Abbey Grove School. She is the crush of Alfie, but they are only friends. In 'After School Clubs', she is part of a book club. At the end of series 2 she and Alfie started dating. She is bisexual as she had been in relationships with both men and women. Rosie is also a smoker and gives an amazing blow job. Miss Gulliver cares very strongly about animal rights, charity work, feminism and struggles that disabled people face. In series 2, she dates Alex Scott, a former student of hers.

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