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Shaquille Fraser
Shaquille Fraser
Simon fraser
Shaquille Fraser
General Info
Full Name Shaquille Fraser
Nick Name "Simon"
Aka Unknown
Family Unknown
Physical Info
Race Caucasian
Gender Male
hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
occupation Teacher
organization Abbey Grove School
Position Headmaster
Portrayed By Mathew Horne
nationality English
Famous for Gavin Stacey
Episode Guide
First appeared Parent's meeting
Last Appearence Prom
Episode Count 19


Character Edit

Shaquille "Simon" Banter Fraser or just Fraser is a character in Bad Education and is the headmaster of Abbey Grove School. He is portrayed by Mathew Horne.

Ridiculously laid-back, Fraser is not your normal headteacher. What matters to this headteacher is being down with the kids. Unfortunately, he's just... well, a bit of an idiot really.

Personality Edit

Concerned primarily with his own popularity and looking and sounding good (none of which he achieves), the actual day to day of running Abbey Grove often takes a back seat as Fraser bounds from one half-baked scheme to another.

He really likes Alfie, seeing him as the only teacher on his wavelength, or even somewhat of a role-model at times. This generally plays to Alfie's advantage, whilst Pickwell, Miss Gulliver and many of the other staff stand back and watch in dismay.

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