Stephen is a camp, gay member of the class. It is not known if he had ever openly came out, but offered to in "Sex Education" in order to aid Alfie's sex education class. That said, it was a well known fact to Alfie and other students, and he made no effort to hide his camp nature. This was best expressed in "Prom" when he ignored common advice and attended the prom in his drag queen persona. He has a passion for dancing, musicals and films. He was best friends with Chantelle and in the Christmas special began a relationship with Frank Grayson after they were both in Alfie's Christmas Play, "Robocracker" (a mash-up of Robocop and The Nutcracker). He appears to not get on with Frank in season 3, but Frank agrees to be his date for the prom and they are later crowned Prom King and Queen. In series 2 Frank gives Stephen a West Ham United ticket. At first Stephen was ungrateful and didn’t want the ticket because he said he was “Millwall for life”. He then finds out Frank gave him it so he decided he should maybe go. He often stuns people by being good at things that homosexuals are stereotypically believed to be bad at; including football and advanced martial arts.

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